Best Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

A kitchen which is not organized well is like to be waiting for an accident to happen. Suddenly wanted a specific utensil, but it may not be available. Bought a lot of ingredients and then you find out that you had plenty of them. Well, it may happen.

Adding to this, a fully cluttered kitchen will not look good and hurts the aesthetic of the place. Having a clean and properly organized kitchen undoubtedly makes cooking more comfortable and fun. Here, we will discuss some tips that will help you to achieve decluttering your kitchen. But Before starting with the tips, let’s ask one important question to ourselves.

Why the kitchen becomes cluttered in the first place?

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
Kitchens are neither de facto cluttered with items nor meant to be. So by knowing what made it get to this state sheds light on many of the tips and methods we can use to de-clutter it.
Basically, there are two main ways a kitchen could be left with no space. Of them, the main is keeping useless items or items that are rarely used. The other is keeping useful items in a poorly organized way. By seeing how these manifest we will discuss how we can make kitchen spacious again.

Tips for decluttering kitchen

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
Before deciding on anything, try to identify the usability of all the items in your kitchen. This helps you to decide which paradigm to apply for it.

Return items that you aren’t own or belongs to someone else

Chances are there you have borrowed something or got as a gift (some food item in a container) from your neighbor, and you forgot to return it to them.

So being a good neighbor, regardless of their technical usability, you must place them under your useless items’ list and return to their rightful owner. This helps in clearing the space in your kitchen and also lessen your headache to remember where everything is put.

Clutter on Refrigerator

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
Refrigerator, along with holding and cooling your items, has long been an instant bulletin board, schedule holder, chore char area, children artboard, etc. While removing them might be a viable temporary solution, you might soon find yourself out with more or less same arrangement after some time.

So the solution for a long time is to provide an alternative area for those needs. Consider installing boards on walls of your home to provide a means to display schedules and other things.
As for photos scanning them and saving on your computer can help as you can print the photo again later. But as for magnetic souvenirs, you cannot do it (although 3d printing may work if you are able to do it). So, try any other way of organizing them or by taking a picture for memory, keep them away.

Unused small appliances

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
While many small appliances help us a lot – like toasters, food processors, etc., there might be many others that are used rarely, like ice cream maker, etc. So if you are in dire need of space, consider keeping them away in an unused closet or a shelf in your basement.

Stacking your items in the kitchen

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
A simple way of gaining more space without removing anything is by stacking them. By stacking your cookware, you can better use the cabinet and drawing space. If you are worried that your pans are prone to scratches, you can use pan protectors which can help to protect non-stick surfaces from scratches and prolongs their life your pots and pans.

Organize your refrigerator

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
Your refrigerator is the place where items come in and go out frequently. So there is a high change of disorganization here. When there is an assigned place for everything, and everything is kept in that order, it is a whole lot easier to maintain it.

After you organize your refrigerator well, it will become spacious, and you might actually add some kitchen items there too – thus reducing clutter in it.

Keep bulky items off the top

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
While newly bought heavy and bulky appliances might add to the showoff of your kitchen, they also induce organizational problems. You might not be off in their need every time, and they occupy a lot of space than everything else. Adding to that, keeping them on the top might result in their damage as when you get hurry in making something things might go out of hand.

Yes, keeping them off the top too introduces problems later as they must be frequently lifted and carried to be used. For this, Use some organizational products like Rev-a-shelf’s to keep them off the top and yet be accessible.

Include Wall Space too

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
Besides shelves and other things, we also have space on walls. Why not use them? By installing things like a magnetic bar on the wall, one can organize small metallic materials like knives etc. on it and thus reduce clutter to some extent.

Use up the ingredients with nearing expiring date

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen
This could be considered a special case of useful items. There are some items which are perishable and thus have an expiry date. If an item is a near expiry, it is wise not to reorganize and keep them, but to finish it as soon as possible.

So always check expiry dates of perishable goods and use them up. You can also look up for various recipes that involve different items of your list to speed up the process and enjoy diversity in your food.


Having a clean and organized kitchen not only appeals to the aesthetic but helps in cooking a lot. It also avoids a lot of mistakes that are prone to happen in a clutter-filled kitchen.

Kitchens get cluttered due to the combination of bad organization of useful items and keeping of useless things. By reorganizing useful items, using up items that are nearing expiry and removing unnecessary items, one can make the kitchen less cluttered than before.

Also make sure that after decluttering, you don’t make it cluttered again by assigning specific places to specific items and strictly following that arrangement.


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