Everything You Need for the Perfect Modern Kitchen Remodel

Did you know that even a moderate kitchen remodel can yield an 83% return on investment in your home price? Kitchens are often the first room home buyers explore.

Even if you’re not looking to sell, the last year at home is a good enough reason for a modern kitchen remodel. You’ve experienced your current kitchen’s limitations, and you’re ready for an upgrade.

Before you start, consider these modern kitchen remodel ideas.

Build for Efficiency

Home improvement is about style and function. A gorgeous modern kitchen that’s hard to use won’t do you any favors. Consider ways to make the time in your kitchen more efficient.

The Less Steps The Better

How is your kitchen organized? Are the pots and pans easy to access when you’re at the stove? What about cooking utensils?

Increase your kitchen efficiency and build for functional organizing. Give yourself adequate drawer and cabinet space to store your kitchen tools.

Wide Paths

Have you always wanted a kitchen island? They’re great for home chefs because they add workspace. They also increase cabinet space and seating.

If your home renovations include a new kitchen island, make sure you space it. Account for at least 48 inches of cooking space so you can share the kitchen with another cook.

Everything in its Place with Extra Space

Crammed kitchens are inefficient kitchens. What good are your kitchen appliances if you don’t have the space to use them and work at the same time?

Home renovations like a kitchen remodel present the opportunity to fit everything in its proper place. Leave at least 15 inches of landing space for all your appliances.

Calculate Your Budget

There are the lucky few who have unlimited budgets to build their dream kitchen. Then there are the rest of us. If your funds are limited, you have to make a budget.

What’s Important?

What are your priorities for your new kitchen? Do you want to invest in matching stainless steel appliances? Or do you need new cabinets and floors?

Budgeting your priorities will help determine the scope of your remodel.

DIY or Professional Help

If you have the right skills, you can eliminate labor costs. Hiring a professional will increase your costs and may limit the scope of your remodel.

Try to figure out what you can do yourself. Things like painting and backsplash installation take minimal skill. You can stretch your budget if you’re brave enough to tackle some jobs on your own.

Refurbish or Replace?

A modern kitchen remodel doesn’t mean a complete demo job. Those old wooden cabinets and butcher block countertop might just need a little love.

While you may want a modernized look, you can stretch your budget by refurbishing what’s already there.

Lighting is Key

Old homes were designed for functionality rather than aesthetics. Families were large, and kitchen designs often show this rather than modern design beauty.

That doesn’t mean workers of modest means didn’t or don’t care about aesthetics. It does mean that designs that incorporate natural light into a kitchen were of less concern.

Upgraded lighting is an easy way to spruce up a modern kitchen. Add a window for natural light, and explore other electrical lighting options.

  • Brass fixtures are back in a big way
  • The new “Cottage core” look incorporates refurbished metals
  • Clear hanging globes or pendant lights add modern style
  • Track lighting is a cost-effective upgrade

For more modern lighting ideas, make sure to check out retailers like Interior-deluxe.com.

Consider the Backsplash

Are your kitchen walls drab? An easy way to modernize your kitchen is to upgrade your backsplash.

Recent backsplash design trends involve multi-colored tiles. If that design trend isn’t for you, consider solid slabs for a cleaner look.

Backsplash replacement won’t break your bank, either. The average cost of a new backsplash ranges from $600-$1,350 with labor and materials.

Like all home remodels, it’s even cheaper if you can do it yourself.

Flooring Choices

Upgraded flooring is vital to your overall kitchen design. The type of floor you choose will depend on your budget and your desired look.


Linoleum is a classic kitchen flooring material. It’s inexpensive to install, low maintenance, and waterproof. While inexpensive, linoleum scratches easily and fades when exposed to sunlight.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is low maintenance, waterproof, and durable flooring option. The tiles come in many shapes and sizes to suit any aesthetic.

They are very expensive to install. Installing ceramic tile involves a considerable amount of labor.


Laminate flooring is a popular choice for home floors. It looks like hardwood but is easy to install. It’s also a durable flooring option that keeps its look for decades.

These floors are not the best option for a kitchen. They aren’t waterproof. Exposure to water causes the laminate boards to warp and lift.

Plumbing Fixtures

Your plumbing fixtures carry a heavy load for both the look and the function of your kitchen. If you’ve gone years without a new faucet, you might not know the available options.

Pull-Down Sprayer

Want to make pot and pan cleaning a cinch? These faucet heads pull out and spray high-pressure water to lift baked or burnt-on food. They’re the most common type of faucet these days and provide great utility for any sink clean-up.


For a more modern appearance, try a commercial-style faucet. These long, flexible faucets meet all your kitchen utility needs with a bonus. The professional-style spray cleans your dishes just like a commercial dishwasher.

Pot Fillers

Rather than fill your pot in the sink, why not fill it on the range? A pot filler installs behind or next to your stovetop and provides the ultimate modern convenience.

Tips for a Modern Kitchen Remodel

You’ve grown weary of your old kitchen after a year at home. Now you’re ready for an upgrade. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and a modern kitchen remodel will show that to be true.

Do you need more home improvement advice? Make sure to check out the rest of our page.


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