7 Advantages Installing Skylights Will Bring to Your Home Design

The addition of skylights in your home will not only brighten up a room, but add an element of design and functionality that’s hard to beat.

Are you considering home renovations to bring in some extra light?

Skylights can be a beneficial addition to any room in your home. Their rooftop location gives skylights some unique characteristics that can give you many advantages.

The many different styles and features of skylights give you more control over how they look and the benefits you get from them.

Keep reading to discover seven benefits of adding a skylight to your home design.

1. More Natural Light

Adding a skylight is a simple way to get more natural light into your home. It can complement the light you already get from windows in the room.

Skylights are also a good solution in dark areas that don’t have any windows, such as hallways or interior bathrooms. Those spaces would otherwise rely on artificial light all day and night. Skylights brighten those spaces and make them feel more cheerful.

Since skylights are on the roof, they capture the sunlight longer than windows. Depending on how the skylight is positioned, you can capture sunlight all day long.

Having overhead natural light can take the place of artificial lighting for the majority of the day. Natural light is often more appealing because it’s not as harsh as artificial light. You might find that it’s easier to see what you’re doing in natural light than with artificial light.

It also helps you cut down on your electric bill since you don’t have to run your lamps and overhead lights as much. This not only saves you money, but it can also cut down on your carbon footprint, which is good for the environment.

2. Heating and Cooling Benefits

Heat from the sun also comes through the skylight, which can help save energy. In the winter, the sunlight from the skylight can make your space feel warmer.

The amount of heat that you gain in the winter from your skylight depends on the characteristics of the skylight. Some skylights have glazing or tint on them to cut down on the UV rays that penetrate the material. This can reduce how much heat enters your home.

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures how much heat will come in through the skylight. A high SHGC means more heat enters your home through the skylight. If you want the benefits of warmth in the winter, choose a skylight with a higher SHGC.

The size of the skylight also affects how much heat you can get in the winter. A larger window area lets in more sunlight and heat.

In the summer, that extra solar heat could make your space feel hotter than you’d like. For those times, skylight shades blackout the sunlight easily. This gives you full control over when you have sunlight and when you get shade, so you can still enjoy the warmth in the winter without excess heat in the summer.

If your skylight opens, you can also use it to make your room feel more comfortable. The breeze from the skylight can help cool the room. You can also create a cross breeze when you open the skylight and windows.

These heating and cooling benefits year-round can reduce your utility bills. By keeping your home cooler and warmer when appropriate, the skylight can reduce your need for running your HVAC system as often.

3. Privacy

Skylights are a good way to get natural light and beautiful outdoor views while still protecting your privacy.

Traditional windows offer those same benefits, but other people can see into your home. That’s not as big of a deal in a living room or other shared spaces. However, you’ll want more privacy in your bathroom and bedroom.

With skylights, you can get more of the sunlight and views you want without letting others see inside your room. This can be beneficial if you live in a neighborhood where houses are close to one another.

4. Ventilation

If you choose a skylight that opens, you can enjoy the benefits of increased ventilation and air circulation in your home. It’s an easy way to get more fresh air into your home and get rid of odors. Opening a skylight can also help get rid of excess moisture, which can reduce the risks of mold and mildew growth.

5. Larger Feeling in the Room

Skylights can give the impression of a bigger room in a few ways. A brighter space seems larger and more open than a dark room, so the natural light can give your room a boost.

The skylight also connects the room to the outdoors and visually removes the ceiling in that area. This can give the room a more expansive feeling since the view continues instead of being cut off by the ceiling.

It can give the illusion of a bigger space overall or a higher ceiling. This benefit makes skylights ideal in smaller rooms that feel cramped.

6. Aesthetic Value

A skylight draws the eye to the ceiling, making it a beautiful focal point in the room. With so many styles and shapes available, skylights are easy to fit into your current room design while adding a decorative touch. The added aesthetics can be a selling point when you put your home on the market.

Skylights can also improve the overall aesthetics of the room. Natural light makes the colors in your room seem more vivid and appealing. The light can also highlight certain architectural features in the room to make your overall design more prominent.

7. Health Benefits

Having a skylight could give you some health benefits as well. Sunlight is important to keep your vitamin D levels up. Vitamin D has many health benefits, including strong bones and immune function support.

Natural sunlight can also boost your mood. You might feel happier and more creative with the natural light in your room. It can reduce stress and anxiety to help you feel better overall.

Enjoy the Benefits of Skylights

Skylights can work in any room and they offer many benefits, from aesthetics to energy savings.

Understanding the benefits and knowing what you want from your skylight helps you choose and design the perfect option.

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