Less Is More: 7 Simple Living Room Decoration Tips

You don’t have to go overboard to make a statement. Simplicity is timeless! Start with these seven simple living room decoration tips and tricks.

A study found Americans spend 93% of their lives indoors.

This statistic proves we’re homebodies so why not create the perfect living space?

Luckily, there are many ways to add simple living room decorations to your home. If you’re stumped for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our seven top tips.

1. Play With Scale

When approaching simple interior design, consider playing with scale. Don’t be scared to make a big statement even if your living room is small.

There’s a difference between clutter and dramatically designed rooms. For instance, hang an opulent chandelier to create contrast and intrigue in your living room.

2. Experiment With Color

Many simple living room ideas end with white walls as it’s neutral. Add dark-colored furniture to add depth to the walls or choose colorful furnishings to contrast with your bright, white ceiling.

Simple home decoration works best when you repeat certain colors. Pick two dominant colors and repeat them throughout your living room.

For example, you want to add gray and teal. Start with a gray couch and add teal cushions to create a cohesive look. Then continue this color scheme through other accessories like lamps and shelves.

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You can also experiment with wallpaper. Either choose a small area for an accent or wrap the entire room in your favorite pattern. Luckily, indecisive homeowners can get removable wallpaper so you don’t have to commit to a single style.

3. Change Your Layout

Switch up the layout of your simple living room to discover what works best. If you have a small space, this is a life-saver, as you can create a multi-purpose area.

For instance, if you don’t have separate rooms for a living room, family room, and study, combine these into a single concept.

The classic living layout places the couch in front of the TV but this isn’t always the best move. Decide where you want the room’s focal point to be and design your space around that.

For instance, arrange your sofa facing the window or another sofa to create a more sociable atmosphere. Or, if you have a small living room, add an L-shaped couch to maximize the living space.

You should also rearrange your coffee table and figure out where to place it. Decide whether to have two small tables or one big one, as the former gives you more flexibility.

Place vases, books, and flowers atop your coffee table for a unique style. Group certain items together, or alter the height range until it’s perfect.

Or forgo coffee tables entirely and add an ottoman instead. They make better use of your living room space and turn into footrests when your family’s relaxing.

4. Float the Couch

Consider floating your furniture, meaning it’s not against the wall, otherwise you have a giant space in the middle. To combat this, float your coach in the center or keep it several inches from the wall to create an inviting environment.

You can also add a hanging chair. Not only are swing chars fun but they let you add seating without taking up valuable space.

5. Add Your Favorite Artwork

Celebrate your favorite artwork by designating a gallery wall.

Make the wall cohesive by using the same frames either vintage-style ones or plain, black ones. Accent your artwork with proper lighting so it illuminates the images you want to highlight.

If you don’t already own antiques, scour your local vintage store for a unique piece. An antique makes your living room more charming and elegant. You can also personalize the space with an array of antiques from different genres and times.

When brainstorming simple living room ideas, homeowners should add texture as it’s more visually interesting. A fantastic way to do this is by layering your rugs.

For example, if you have a large, natural rug then place that atop a small antique Persian rug to give your living room character. Rugs are an excellent way to anchor the space and give you an idea to work from.

Not into rugs? Add floor pillows to create a textured, laid-back environment or choose from an array of throw pillows like textures, matte, or glossy.

And if you have a small living room, add mirrors to make your space look larger. Hang one above your mantel or layer two framed mirrors for a unique look.

You can also angle the mirror opposite a light source so it makes your room look brighter and bigger.

6. Bring the Outside In

Not only do plants have mood-boosting benefits but they liven up a home.

Dot low-maintenance houseplants around the room like Chinese evergreen, yucca, or spider plants. Or, if you lack the time or green-thumb, add fake houseplants as they look real but without the upkeep.

7. Let the Light Pour In

Embrace natural light especially if your living room has access to plenty of it. Avoid dark curtains and choose semi-sheer shade curtains as they maximize sunlight, making your room look bigger.

Those Are Our Simple Living Room Decoration Ideas

Now you have seven stellar simple living room decoration ideas to try.

Change the layout of your room, experiment with floating your furniture, and add texture through floor pillows or rugs. Display your favorite artwork and highlight them through accent walls or color.

Most importantly, have fun in the creative process until you curate your dream room. Happy designing!

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