About us

Brick99.com is a website with millions of exterior and interior design ideas. The purpose of this website to make a kind of place where please can find unique ideas. Our focus to make this website a kind of place where users can find everything to give a perfect and beautiful look to their home. As we know home is a kind of place where people spend lot’s of money and they always want everything unique and beautiful inside the home. Brick99.com will help our reader to choose the perfect design for their bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and other places in the home.

Peoples can also discover some inspiration decoration ideas at Brick99.com like what kind of furniture will look good in your living room, how to place the appliances in the kitchen, what types of the curtain will look beautiful with your color of the wall and many more other decoration ideas. More than that we also have decoration ideas for a big festival like Christmas.


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