10 Best Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass

Household chores are something that majority dread? However, cleaning is part and parcel of daily house maintenance. For some dusting might seem an ardent job while for some doing the dishes must be very time consuming, for some cleaning the curtain may be some task, and the list of daily chores goes on. Among all the things that require cleaning, shower glass is not an easy job.

The beauty of Glass in showers

A glass is a classic item to have anywhere in the house and always brings in a touch of elegance. Although it may be very stylish to have glass in your shower, the tough part comes in when you have to clean it.

The ordeal of maintaining glass in showers

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
Many people find it way difficult a job to do. Also, the doors of the shower are one among the many things that need regular cleaning due to the water splashes or soap scums that tend to accumulate on them. Standard glass is porous and over time can be maligned by hard water, soap scum, and even moisture. So it is necessary to manage and care of your shower glass daily. Each day, doing just a little bit of work will keep you from having to waste a great deal of time scrubbing the shower glass. This method can also prevent possible lasting damage to your shower glass. You do not require expensive specific cleaners from the market. Know that the moisture within the bathroom and shower room can cause grime and lingering dirt to stick to the glass making that grimy look you see on some shower doors. Always know that the glass doors or frames of your shower need meticulous handling.

So if you want your glass shower to be all clean and glossy like brand new then the following tips and tricks should definitely be useful. These tips might differ from every individual, so take a solution which probably works best for you. This starts off with the very fundamental and the least costly methods.

The crux of cleaning

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
There is a definite art to be able to clean shower glass doors correctly, and once you get the hang of it, you would be amazed by exactly how easy it is. Cleaning glass shower doors are genuinely simple, given you do it daily. This will not only help to remove the water droplets and keep them from tinting the glass momentarily, but it will also help to expel the water so that no lime formation or appearance of soap residue on the glass as well. If you already have glass shower doors that are frameless then you might be having trouble keeping them clean, probably, some of these cleansing approaches will help.

  • The main thing that requires to be done is for the regular sustenance to take place is to clean shower glasses almost every week.
  • Spray the entire shower down one time every week,
  • Scrub shower glass with a soft hair brush and separate the excess with the squeegee.
  • After every time you use the shower before that clean In between these weekly cleanings
  • In case you are using a cleaning solution, Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated and you need to wear a rubber glove to keep your skin away from artificial cleaner, then you can start.
  • Make sure glass doors is dry
  • Before applying it to the whole glass. Examine the cleaning solution at a small corner first to assure that it will not damage your glass doors.

Follow these simple tips to clean your shower glass:

1. In fact, Shower Glass get dirty quite often

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
Soap scums or could form on dried soapy water splashes clean your glass door particularly if your shower head is close to the doors. Washing this could be difficult since it does not work every time for a lot of cleansers. Over time, Mineral build-up on your shower area could also be a disorder making your clear glass appear opaque. It could make your glass look dirty and old When this happens, – and you wouldn’t want that.

2. Cleaning with Lemon oil or Glass Wax

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
You can coat your glass with either glass wax or lemon oil After you have done your cleaning with the choice of method, to make your glass last for quite some time before scum build-up strikes again. This is for covering purposes only.

3. Fabric Softeners or Liquid Dishwashing Soaps

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
Splash on some liquid soap onto the glass stains and let it wait there for a while. Pour warm water with infrequent scrubbing using a squeegee or a scrubbing pad. Softeners are gentle detergents. It leaves a good smell apart from making your glass look glossy and clean.

4. With a small amount of cold water, Mix the laundry powder

Make it into a thick paste. Now apply this paste on the screen with a soft cloth. Do not go very harsh just rub softly. Be conscious that this mix is rough: test it on a small, obscure area before using it to any shower glass. Keep in mind as well that it will need a good rinse afterwards, as laundry soaps can create a lot of foam.

5. Water and Corn starch

Water and Corn starch
Another inexpensive yet intelligent solution would be to make a paste out of water and corn starch. After making the paste, rub and scrub it on your glass door gently. Then use a wet cloth to wipe off the mixture and then polish it with a dry cloth or a towel. It is a non-toxic and cost-effective solution.

6. Vinegar and water

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
If you just use your kitchen stores such as your plain vinegar mixed with water a lot of time and money can be saved. Take some newspaper to make a roll and Dip into the mixture and clean off your dirty glass. Vinegar has a powerful smell though so only be sure to put your covers on. To be more precise use white vinegar. It gets all manner of dirt, including, obviously, soap scum. Mix equal portions of white vinegar and water in a regular spray bottle. Now use the mixture and spray it on your doors from inside as well as outside and rub it gently with a sponge. Leave for half an hour before finally washing off with a watery sponge. You can also try drying off with paper towels.

7. Soak a clean cloth with baby oil

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
Rub down your bath doors with Baby oil; it will check hideous soap scum from collecting and will also reduce the amount of time within cleanings. Instead of using baby oil, Lemon oil can be used to wipe down the shower doors once you are done with the cleaning. It will give the same effect against soap scum and transmit a clean lemony smell behind.

8. Clean glass shower doors with Squeegees

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
It can be bought from your local store or even from the detergent aisle at the supermarket. Use a synthetic squeegee to save off extra water. They’re amazingly versatile and often used for washing car shields, windowpanes, and there are even body squeegees for removing excess water off your skin after a shower. After cleaning your shower screen, use a standard squeegee to eliminate as much excess water from the covering as you can. Not only will the screen dry quicker, but it should also dry almost clear and blemish-free.

9. Use a Repellent

Tips for Cleaning Shower Glass
If you are not a believer of old-fashioned home solutions, then go for this one. Get a bottle of rain repellent from a nearby car store and cover your shower door with it. Use a rain repellent. This repellent is designed to, well, repel rain and prevent other external elements like insects from building up on your windscreen. The same reasoning pertains to your shower door – the rain repellent will prevent water from clinging to the door, which means dirt will not build up easily.

10. Clean towel

Dry your shower doors using a clean towel and make sure they are thoroughly clean. If you see any residual soap scum or dirt, replicate the steps above until your shower doors are all shiny.
The solutions suggested above appeals generally to cleaning your glass shower doors but here are tips on how to sustain your glass doors on an everyday basis.

  • After each shower Open the glass doors to allow for fresh air to flow as this inhibits the growth of mildew.
  • Decrease the amount of mould by cleaning off any that is present after each shower.
  • A bit of alcohol will work best when it comes to eliminating hard water stains on glass doors.
  • A small bit of lemon oil cover on a piece of rag can be used to eliminate hard water spots and lime formation on shower doors. Just give some on the spot for a while then dismissed by scrubbing.
  • Cover your tile surfaces with furniture glaze to stop scum from soap from building up. This is also a helpful method to stop water spots.


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