What is a Sports Physiotherapist?

A sports physio is a physiotherapist that specialises in treating injuries and issues that are caused by long- or short-term sports activities. Sports physiotherapy can also help to enhance performance, flexibility and general wellbeing. Physiotherapy is a great way to treat any pain or just to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. By visiting a sports specific physio you’ll find that you’re receiving treatment that works with your day to day activities and the stress that your body typically undergoes. By no means do you have to be a total pro to enjoy the benefits of visiting a sports physiotherapist, but if you’re a little confused about the specifications, read on…

How does a sports physio differ from a general physiotherapist?

The treatment of everyday injuries and sports injuries are simply different, and therefore they require different approaches when it comes to repairing them! You physio will look at your injury and work to heal it through a multifaceted approach, whereas a sports physio will work to ensure that your body is able to perform at its maximum output by treating your whole form. They will analyse the cause of any pain or injuries and work at strengthening that, instead of focusing on the specific injury itself.

Do you need an injury to go to sports physio?

Many people think that physiotherapy is just for a bad injury that your doctor couldn’t fix with prescription painkillers, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth! Physios work with you in a holistic fashion to ensure that your mobility, strength, flexibility, skeletal state and posture are all in the very best condition possible. Another common myth around sports physiotherapy is that you have to be some kind of Olympic athlete in order to qualify for treatment, again, this isn’t the case. Sports physios treat all kinds of patients, including casual members of sports teams, gym bunnies and those who just love to lead an active lifestyle! If you love to move, you’re going to benefit from a trip to a specialized sports physio, guaranteed.

How can a sports physio help my physical performance?

If you’re an avid exerciser and you want to really increase your performance in the gym, on the field or just during your outdoor workouts, your sports physiotherapist can help you out! A sports physio works with you to understand what you want to achieve, and the care starts from there! Some main components of physical performance include posture, form, strength, mobility and flexibility, and these are exactly what a sports physio specialises in! Your therapist will use strength retraining, balance work, postural guidance, stretches, core stability and Pilates exercises to ensure that you are in tip-top condition at all times. It’s this balanced combination of treatments that helps to improve your physical performance.

How do you find a sports physio?

If you love to lead an active life and you’ve decided that you could benefit from the help and guidance of a professional sports physio, its time to find one! Hunting down the right professional takes a little research and consideration, so try not to just dive into the physio down the road. Look into specific treatments, check qualifications and ask around your social circle to find a sports physiotherapist that’s right for you! Always make a point to check in on long term availability to avoid potential disappointment down the line.

By now you should be fully confident on what a sports physio does, who can visit them, how they can help and just how to find one! If you’re ready to start your journey towards a more mobile, healthy body, start researching sports physios in Sydney to get going now!


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