Reduce Clutter in Your Home! This Is How Much a Storage Unit Costs

Storage units are beneficial for many people. They’re the best way to remove unneeded items from your home or someplace else and put them in a safe spot until future needs. Storage units allow homeowners to free up space in their homes and find their closet or space bedroom again.

These units are also a great tool for organizing or moving. You can set items in your unit in an organized manner for easy locating. You can also secure your items in a unit during a move for your convenience.

What are the storage unit costs, though? Before purchasing a unit, you’ll want to know how much to budget for. How much will the unit cost you upfront or monthly, and is it worth it?

Start getting organized and start decluttering your home today by reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about storage units and their costs.

City vs Rural

Unfortunately, there’s no one set price that everyone who needs a storage unit pays. The price of the unit depends on a few different things. The location of the unit is one of those factors to take into consideration.

Where will you need your unit to be located? If you relocating between two different cities and need a unit to store your stuff in while you sell a house and buy a new one, then we’d suggest placing your items in a rural location, if possible. The prices of storage units in the city tend to be higher than the prices of units in more rural areas.

If possible, try to choose unit locations outside of major cities, but remember not to sacrifice convenience. If you plan to access your unit on a frequent basis, then you might want to pay the higher price tag for a location closer to you.

Size of the Unit

The size of the unit is another important factor weighing in on the price. The smaller the unit is, the cheaper it’ll be to rent it. If you’re looking for ways to save, then you should try going through all of your belongings before placing them in the unit.

Get rid of anything you don’t need. Donate items, sell items, and toss away anything considered trash. The fewer items you have, the less money you’ll spend. Here are some storage unit costs estimates based on size.

5×5 Unit

A 5×5 unit is quite small, but if you can fit all of your items in it, you’ll pay between $30-$100. These units fit items from a home closet. They’re perfect for seasonal decor or holiday items.

5×10 Unit

This unit will cost you between $40-$140. It comes in handy when renovating a single room in the home, and you need to place items from one room in a unit. Any large furniture pieces might not fit.

10×15 Unit

This unit could cost you anywhere between $85-$325. This unit is around the same size as an average garage and will be beneficial for those needing to store belongings from an entire small apartment inside it. Some large furniture pieces will fit as well and anything else that you could fit inside a garage.

10×20 Unit

A 10×20 unit is a large unit and will cost you between $125-$425. The items inside a small home could all fit inside this unit. You could also store vehicles inside a unit of this size.

Length of Storage Need

How long will you need the unit for? The length of time you need storage will also play a role in the cost. If you rent a unit as long-term, then you’ll pay more overall, but the price per month will most likely be cheaper.

When you rent a unit short-term, you won’t be paying for as many months, but the price per month tends to be higher. The best way to navigate this is to go with what you need, but keep the deals in mind. If you only need a unit for 4-5 months, but it’ll cost you less per month to sign a 6-month lease, then do the math to see which is the better deal.

Remember to always read the fine print as well.

Climate Control vs No Climate Control

Will you want your storage unit to be climate controlled? Climate controlled units are beneficial when storing items that need to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent breaking, mold growth, or something else. For example, if you’re storing something than can easily rust, you’ll want to place it in a controlled unit to prevent moisture from humidity.

If your items have no need to be kept at a certain temperature, then choose a unit with no climate control. Units without climate control are less expensive.

Full-Service vs Self-Storage

The type of storage service you need will affect the cost. Do you need full-service or self-storage? Full-service storage consists of movers who’ll come to you, package your items, and place them in the unit for you.

When you’re ready to bring the items out of storage, the movers will transport them to your new home. This option is the more expensive route. A self-storage unit is a good option for long-term storage needs.

It’s cheaper, but you’ll move the items yourself and place your own lock on the unit. There are a few self storage hacks, however, that can ensure you have the best experience possible.

What Are the Final Storage Unit Costs?

With all of these factors determined, what are the final storage unit costs? The best way to get an accurate answer is to call your locate storage unit companies and ask for an estimate given all these factors.

Be sure to call around and get a few different estimates before choosing the right one for you.

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