5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

If you have chosen the town that you will call your new home, it is time to find the right moving company. Ask these questions before hiring movers.

Americans are on the move. In fact, many will move nearly a dozen times in their lifetime!

You can get by with a friend’s truck or parent’s help in those early years. This doesn’t fly as you get older. All that extra stuff you’ve accumulated plus a growing family means hiring movers is on the agenda.

Never hired pros for moving before? You’re in luck, keep reading to know what to ask when vetting movers for your relocation.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Knowing your stuff is in good hands is vital when hiring a moving company otherwise what was the point? License and insurance are two good indicators of a reputable company — one that cares.

Get their details:

  • USDOT number if they’re cross-state/country movers
  • American Mover and Storage Association membership
  • General liability and commercial auto insurance coverage

Movers put their reputation, license, and insurance on the line when doing a job. They aren’t about to cut corners with so much at stake. So, you can rest assured you’re working with movers worth their merit when they’re covered.

2. What Are the Costs?

You’re looking for a great price for the moving costs. The movers are looking to get paid for their hard work. The challenge is finding that sweet spot.

Ask about their charges including labor, transportation, and extra fees. Get this in writing and then compare it with several moving companies.

Don’t fall for the all-too-common moving scam where estimates change on the day of. Make sure your movers provide and stick to a binding estimate.

3. Do You Have References and Reviews?

You can save money by using new movers since they’re getting an industry footing. But, experience goes a long way when your stuff is also going a long way.

Let a mover’s actions speak for their worth, get:

  • References
  • Reviews
  • Opinions

Reach out to customers and get their unbiased feedback. Look through a few platforms to get the whole picture vs only what’s presented through them. This gives you a real insight into whether they’re legit.

4. What’s Your Process?

Knowing what to expect before, during, and after the move is part of your due diligence. After narrowing your selection, have each mover share a process overview.

Read the person and pay attention to things like:

  • How they’re describing their services
  • Their attention to detail and treatment
  • Guarantees and reimbursement policy

A reputable company is one that’s transparent to your questions. If you’re feeling assured by their answers then it’s a good chance their services are worth it.

5. What If I Need to Cancel?

Life can throw you curve balls. A mover with a flexible cancellation policy is a life-saver when things aren’t going your way.
You still may need to pay the following:

  • Deposit(s)
  • Cancellation fees

But hey, at least you’re not out the whole bill if it does happen!

You’ll Be Thankful about Hiring Movers

Moving gets tougher the older you get because your body isn’t as nimble as all those years ago. Hiring movers means you’re not straining to get things packed and relocated. You can sit back and feel stress-free throughout the experience.

So, next time you’re thinking about home decor, think about that move one day.

That’s it for now. Hop on over into some of the other great home guides here on the blog! And, put those great ideas to good work in defining your style!


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