A Guide to Finding the Perfect Display Cabinet

Display cabinets bring so much to a space! Whether you’re on the hunt for a piece to liven up your kitchen, living room, home office, bedroom or even just your hallway, you can’t get much better than a gorgeous display cabinet! This piece offers up great stylistic potential, both in its own physical form and by giving you the opportunity to display any accessories, books, plants or, well, anything! To help you on your hunt for the ideal display cabinet, there are a few measures to take first. Read on for a guide to landing that perfect piece…

Understand your space

The key to buying any piece of furniture really is understanding your space. Shopping without knowing the exact dimensions of the room or the overall type of home you’re in is going to risk your purchases looking off once you get them in the house – not what you want after all the time and money! Take exact measurements of your space and your display cabinet’s potential designated spot. Be sure to factor the addition into your walkways and pre-existing layout to avoid regretting your decision every time you thump you foot into your cabinet. Keep your measurements with you every step of the way, and everything will be easier – promise!

Think about storage solutions

Some display cabinets offer up fantastic extra storage for those items you don’t want on-show all the time. Your aesthetically pleasing and well-styled collection of various objects and memories is going to look incredible placed in the display section of your cabinet. However, we all have a lot of items that we’d rather weren’t presented in our home. If you need an extra spot to stash away remotes, magazines, cards or mail, search for a cabinet or display unit that has a few drawers down the bottom! Mixing style and functionality makes for pretty perfect furniture.

Select your material

Materials make all the difference to display cabinets. If you’re shopping for a family home that’s housing a few little ones and furry friends, you should definitely stick to darker colours and materials that can stand a little wear and tear. A reclaimed timber in a deep tone or painted with a refined, dark neutral would be perfect. Wood is generally the favourite material for cabinets however, you can find more industrial styles crafted out of iron.

Style considerations

Finally, style! Your material choice plays a big part in the overall style of your cabinet but the colour and accessory decisions are also huge factors. Try to stick to a neutral cabinet that fits in with your home’s colour palette. For Hamptons, classic or shabby chic style homes, you absolutely need to stick to a nice, soft white. If that is sounding a little too plain, you can always personalise your cabinet by replacing the metalware with vintage or collected metal and handles. Lighter cabinets are also fantastic if you’re furnishing a more compact space, as they are less visually invasive. If your home is a little more bohemian, rustic, country or industrial, be sure to veer towards rich, dark, unpainted wood.

By following these easy pointers, you can be totally confident that you will end up with the best display cabinet for your home. Remember to keep your displays refined and well-styled – it’s no good spending money on a cabinet if you’re not going to take advantage of its core functionality. Have fun styling and creating personal displays that make your house feel like home. Shop for display cabinets in Sydney to get started!


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