7 Beautiful Curtain Ideas for Living Room

Curtains in the living room have a significant role. They can make the atmosphere in the room dramatic or even calmer. Before choosing the curtains for the living room, think carefully about a few details. If the windows are large, choose suitable curtains of sufficient length. The colors in the living room are also of great importance when it comes to curtains’ choice. If you don’t want to waste a lot of money, you can do them yourself. If you prefer a particular fabric, be sure it is suitable for curtains. First, choose the colors to be sure that they will be suitable for the living room’s interior.

1. Shades of blue

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

It would help if you considered the functionality of the curtains. If you are looking for an effect of intimacy, choose a more dense and dark fabric. If you want to make a good decoration for the living room with curtains’ help, opt for a fabric of bright colors and geometric and remarkable patterns. If you prefer a clean design, the sheer, lightweight fabric in neutral colors is a perfect choice. It is important to know the exact dimensions of the windows in the living room.

2. Neutral colors

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

If you want to draw attention to the curtains in the living room, choose curtains in bright stripes, for example. Raw silk in combination with bright colors is a good idea that is also suitable for rooms with traditional furniture and design. If you are looking for more elegant and stylish curtains, go for a sheer fabric model. These curtains are a nice combination with those in dense and dark fabric, for example, because they can guarantee you more privacy.

3. Deep blue curtains

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

If the windows in the living room are small, blinds are also a good choice. They do not hide the decorative elements and details around the windows; during the day, you can leave them pleated and they will be elegant and stylish. For a more dramatic effect, opt for curtains from the ceiling to the floor. In this way, the room will have a larger and more modern look. During the day, you can put on a pretty curtain tieback.

4. Light gray curtains

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

In addition to covering the windows, the curtains bring the final touch to a living room’s decor. Practical and aesthetic, contemporary curtains are endlessly available and will set the tone for the decor. A wide range of materials and colors are available to the buyer, making curtains a versatile solution for any interior, no matter what style. Thick or thin, in tulle or velvet, contemporary curtains serve as a common thread for decorating the living room and any other room. Long or short, plain, multicolored or adorned with playful patterns, curtains for the living room are a true promise of style and taste.

5. Timeless neutral color

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

There is nothing like curtains for the living room to let your imagination and personal style shine. Matching the rest of the decor or contrasting with home textiles, curtains help determine the desired mood. Embodying the refinement of noble materials par excellence or the lightness of light and transparent fabrics, thanks to this accessory, we will succeed in composing the decoration of dreams.

6. Curtains matching the sofa

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

Usually, the color of the curtains for the living room contrasts with the color of the wallpaper or mural. Therefore, the contrast produced makes it possible to energize the decor with a sought-after note of elegance. So, whether we bet on the nobility of petroleum blue or the delicacy of gray, the right strategy to adopt would be to make the most of the contrasts, more or less strong, between the color of the walls and that of the textiles.

7. Graphic black and white curtains

Curtain Ideas for Living Room

Depending on personal taste and the existing decor, one can choose between two curtains for the living room. These are plain curtains and patterned curtains that allow us to create a special atmosphere and enhance the room’s character. If the sobriety characterizes the design of the furniture, it will be underlined by the curtains available in deep colors. The shades of blue and green will contrast with the taupe or beige sofa while energizing the decor with a certain elegance. Another winning formula that allows us to take advantage of the power of colors and contrasts is to match the color of the furniture with that of the curtains, but on condition that we choose curtains adorned with colorful and playful patterns. On the contrary, the living room features designer furniture in bright colors, so it would be better to favor neutral colors for the curtains. Ivory, taupe, pearl gray – they will all highlight contemporary furniture and bring a noble and harmonious atmosphere to the room.


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