5 Tips To Set Up Feng Shui Living Room

The living room is at the heart of our home. It is at the same time a room where we meet together, for a moment of sharing and conviviality. It is also an intimate space where we like to rest and recharge our batteries. In terms of decoration, this implies creating a neat atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Thanks to Feng Shui art, you will sublimate the decoration of your living room to combine intimacy and vitality.

Feng Shui is a philosophy according to which the decoration of the decoration will promote good or bad energies. These same energies will influence the well-being of the inhabitants of the home. The decoration of your living room makes you want to be good with your family while helping you to find your serenity. We guide you through 5 good ideas to arrange your Feng Shui living room.

1. Choosing the right color for a Feng Shui living room

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

Selecting and dosing the right colors is essential in Feng Shui decoration. The principle is to balance the Yin shades (calming cold tones) with the Yang colors (energizing warm tones).

At the center of your home, the living room universe symbolizes vitality and union. For this, favor the Yang nuances, which will evoke a friendly atmosphere. Among the warm tones are shades of red, yellow, orange, and pink. With a powder pink, the style of your Zen living room will be both soft and invigorating. A color that unifies the strengths of yin and yang to enhance your interior.

2. Bet on the right decorative pieces

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

In a Feng Shui interior, each decorative element has a meaning. Your objects have a form of energetic resonance all their own. For a successful zen interior design, bet on beautiful pieces, well-positioned, rather than an accumulation of small objects. The latter would clutter up space by preventing the circulation of Chi.

A mirror, by its brilliance, will activate the energies. In a rounded version, its lines will be softer for better balance. Also, think about wall decorations in fabric and natural materials. Macrame, baskets, and ceramic pots are all objects creating an elegant living room atmosphere. Sobriety that lacks neither charm nor tenderness.

3. Position the furniture in the Zen living room

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

The position of the furniture must allow fluidity. Each element must be arranged according to its function and form. Ideally, the whole is arranged regularly and geometrically.

The sofa is found in the center of the room to symbolize sharing and comfort. As we need stable support, we tend to seek security there as well. Therefore, placing it against a wall will give it additional stability.

The living room table will naturally be found in front of the sofa, at the heart of the universe of the living room. So that it represents union and conviviality, choose the ideally rounded shape.

Finally, it is advisable to place the television, stereo, and other electronic objects facing west. This orientation in feng shui philosophy represents communication. However, consider that they remain discreet throughout the decoration. For this, the tall plants can be installed on either side of the devices.

4. Harmoniously illuminate the living room

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

The brightness of your living room is important for your daily comfort and its aesthetics. In Feng Shui, the ideal is for your living room to be arranged to receive as much natural light as possible. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, take the opportunity to arrange your living room so that it enjoys the view and the sunshine.

For lighting, consider multiplying the sources of soft light. Ceiling lights, floor lamps, and lamps are available in linen, wood, crystals, and other elements reminiscent of nature. Avoid high-intensity LEDs and light bulbs which will squeeze the cozy atmosphere of your living room.

5. Integrate the five elements

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

Feng Shui is based on the five elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Metal. Please take the opportunity to place objects echoing its 5 pillars of life.

As in this Feng Shui living room model in Japanese style, which elegantly combines the different materials, the wood is represented by the coat rack with the overhead lines and the graphic library. Metal comes into the heart of the room thanks to a beautiful shiny black table. The vases evoke water while the plants give flamboyant vitality to the aesthetic of the room. The air is represented by the minimalism of the decoration, which offers beautiful perspectives and enlarges the space—an inspiration with restful Asian charm.

By applying these 5 simple tips from the Chinese art of Feng Shui, your living room will be a real bubble of relaxation. Day after day, you will enjoy curling up there to recharge your batteries. A soothing place where you can enjoy moments of sharing with your family and friends. A great way to stock up on decorating ideas and fuel up from your living room!


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