10 Tricks to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

These decorating tips will transform your small room, be it a living room or TV, into a true oasis within your home to enjoy with family and visitors. It is not about magic, and it is about style. Here’s how to make your small room bigger with a few tricks:

1. Let the light in

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

If your room allows access to natural light, use it to your advantage and not block with dark curtains. Allowing light will make the place more airy and open. The ideal is to use semi-transparent fabrics, such as the one in the photo room, with Barrie Benson’s design.

2. Play with proportions

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Don’t be afraid to place a large piece of furniture or object in a small space. In this small and simple room, the imposing and luxurious chandelier creates an incredible contrast.

3. Choose a large sofa

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

That’s right. A large sofa – and even a patterned one – is a trick that makes any room look bigger than it really is. In a large size, the sofa does not cause a break in the visual with the floor.

4. Make it cozy

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

You can use the small space in your favor to make the room cozier. Leave the seats close so that everyone feels closer to each other. Choose a softer and softer rug, as in this room with 2LG Studio design.

5. Dark wall

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Dark walls create a sophisticated background to highlight the decorative pieces, whether they are clean, colorful or even exaggerated. Painting the ceilings in the same dark color increases the feeling of intimacy and contrasts with lighter and more illuminated furniture, as in this small room by Andrew Felsher.

6. Multi-purpose

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

When space is lacking, you need to be creative and have objects and even multifunctional spaces. For example, if you don’t have a separate living room, office and TV room, combine these three functions in one environment. This office room by Leanne Ford Interiors proves that with the right layout, it can look amazing, no matter the size.

7. Enjoy the high right foot

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

If space lacks horizontally, but there is vertical space, use the ceiling and high ceilings in your favor. Draw attention to the long windows with high curtains and “arrived” wallpaper.

8. Whitewall

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Leave the walls, floor and ceiling white to brighten the space. Great works of art on the wall attract the eye. You can also place a very colorful piece of furniture to be the small room’s point of attention.

9. Low furniture

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

A lower sofa gives the impression that the ceiling is higher. Playing with these proportions is quite advantageous. Take, for example, the small table next to the long chair in this small room.

10. Color palette

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

A small place does not mean that you cannot play with colors. If you like pastel tones, incorporate them all into the decor. If you prefer bright colors, be careful not to leave a bit chaotic. Focus on the tones of a palette. Mixing prints is also worth it, but harmoniously, as in this cheerful room.


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