Top 5 Indoor Bonsai Plants to Lit Up Your Living Room in 2021

Indoor environments are perfect for managing pretty bonsai plants that can match well with your living room decor. According to expert gardeners, indoor bonsais require enough sunlight for sustained growth. Your dream for a home garden can receive a significant boost with the addition of aesthetically attractive bonsai trees that are a symbol of good luck and inner peace.

What is the benefit of having indoor bonsai plants? A single bonsai plant holds the ability to transform the surrounding with escalated confidence and calmness. Keeping a bonsai tree in your living room is perfect for rejuvenating the overall aura of the house. Below are the top five bonsai plants you can prefer for your living room in 2021 to brighten up space.


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Ficus is listed among the popular bonsai species that are best for indoor setups. The Ficus Benjamina, also called the Weeping Fig, is an evergreen bonsai that exhibits rapid growth. This attractive indoor plant has thick foliage, which can be styled in numerous ways as per your preference. Ficus bonsai plants need to be repotted at least once in two years. Also, make sure that pruning is done to support leaf growth without leaving any severe wounds.

Chinese Elm

Chinese elms are the first choice for avid gardeners to decorate indoor spaces without much effort. These bonsais are easy to grow and do not require any additional care throughout the year. Chinese elms showcase fast growth and possess small leaves and short nodes. The best aspect of Chinese elm is its tolerant behavior towards overwatering and underwatering. Furthermore, these plants respond well to directional pruning. Always make sure to water your Chinese elm bonsai the moment its soil turns to dry out.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple or Acer palmatum can be called a subtle bonsai plant option for your living room or office. Its lobed leaves are quite attractive, and the plant changes color as it grows in age. The Japanese Maple can be revamped, especially during the spring season, into different styles to suit your home interior. It is essential to position this bonsai at a sunny spot, for instance, close to the windowpane. However, try to find a slightly shaded area during the afternoon hours to protect the Japanese Maple leaves from getting damaged. 

Fukien Tea

The Fukien Tea or Carmona Retusa can conveniently thrive indoors. This stylish variety of bonsai plants is produced on a massive scale as more people prefer adding it to their home garden, balcony, or office. The small white flowers are the most beautiful aspect of the Fukien Tea bonsai. These flowers blossom throughout the year and gradually transform into small red-colored fruits during the winter season. Fukien Tea exhibits rich green foliage, which is waxy. Make sure you water this indoor plant at least once every week and keep a check on leaf growth by pruning during the spring season.  

Snow Rose

The Snow Rose has a woody stem that actively develops tiny leaves together with a lovely bunch of flowers. Famously known as “the tree of a thousand stars,” this bonsai is an evergreen plant that can survive both indoors and outdoors. The Snow Rose bonsai flowers in every season, but you can observe the plant blossom at its best during spring and late autumn. The bonsai is slightly sensitive to variations in temperature and light. Even a change in watering patterns can affect foliage growth. 

Looking at these five wonderful indoor bonsai plants online, it is clear that they can play a significant part in enhancing your living room’s look. Certain varieties are also great for indoor and outdoor spaces such as a balcony, garden, or porch. You can pick the bonsai trees mentioned above from any nearby nursery, which manages a good collection of eye-catching indoor plants. Always ensure that the bonsais you purchase are healthy and are not affected by any leaf disease. You can even prefer purchasing bonsai plants online through trusted online plant dealers. Do check the genuineness of their website and look out for customer-friendly return policies. Furthermore, also contact professional gardeners to receive bonsai care tips at the earliest.


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