8 Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

Living in Small Apartments might have their advantages like having to pay less rent, being near to the bustling centers of the city, etc. While these are true, there is generally one attribution that is associated with the small apartments that are wrong which is its decoration must be highly functional rather than design.

This conception also exists for a reason, which is that decorating a small space can feel like an impossible puzzle. You might want to include many items, but the room must not be cluttered and thus look chaotic. And there are also restrictions from renters that might spoil most of your decor ideas.

Here we present you our best tips for decorating small apartments that make the most out of your space both functionally and aesthetically.

Have Dual purpose Furniture

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
Every little inch counts in a small space. Rather than having furniture that takes too much space and can serve single-purpose, its best to buy furniture that does the double duty which helps you to make the most out of your small room.

For example, consider a trundle bed that can turn into a sofa or a hollow ottoman that can be used for storage. These have dual purposes; they can be used at different times to serve different purposes.

Whichever the furniture you choose, choose so that it fits your available space perfectly. Not considering this, you will end up cluttering your apartment, and that will make it look even less spacious.

Many companies are working to create furniture for micro-living situations.

Leave No stone unturned – Rethink about unused space

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
As we have said earlier, every little inch counts. After living through the apartment for some time, it’s natural for you to set some standards and cling to it. In other words, you become habituated for some items to be in certain places and may not be thinking of having a second thought about it.

But try to think that is the present way of organization is the most optimal way of setting things in your space? There might be a lot of stones that you might have left unturned.

Think about those unused corners and try to think about a way of putting them to use. For example, you can use the space on your top of the bridge by placing some bags and keeping your less used serving plates. Like this, always be thinking about a better arrangement of your items.

De-clutter your apartment regularly

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
When we live for some time in the house, it’s natural for us to get it cluttered. So once in a while, review your use for all of your processions and for those which don’t serve a purpose, keep it away.

De-cluttering whole house at a time may seem like a big thing to do, and thus one might be hesitating to do. But by organizing your decluttering routine and setting deadlines for them, one can easily do it.

The Color palette also sets the feel

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
While dark and rich colors might have a tendency to make things smaller for the eye, light colors can open things up for us. So keep things light.

But adding dark shades too to the mix can make it better which depends on the way you use it.

If you cannot go by without bold colors, try using furniture to get them into the mix. Try choosing one bold color and buy or paint all your furniture in that color.

Organize your home systematically

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
This might sound contradictory to one of the above tips, that having a standard and clinging to it is bad. While we do not retract the above tip, we say that if one is confident that the said configuration is the most optimal that can get, you might stick on to it.

The perk with the organization is that it can help you to remember where an item exactly is and provides efficient access to the item whenever you want.

Use Vertical Storage Systems

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
As you want to get the most of your least storage space, using walls for storage system will not sound so strange to you.

By using tall, narrow storage systems are your best bet in this regard.

You can also affix your walls with shelves and also art. If you have an item that really love but can’t find space for it to keep in the house, you can hang up a secure shelf and put on it instead. This reduces the visible clutter in your house as well as providing the right use for the unused part yet.

Light up your scene

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
With some real lighting, a small room can really open up. Proper lighting can certainly make the room visually better and thus should be considered too along with others.

One of the obvious ways of getting light is through nature. Release your windows and let the light come in!

Based on the size of your apartment, you might not be having space for a table or floor lamps. In that case, you can try alternatives like string lights, wall sconces or pendant lighting.

Use Mirrors

Tips for Decorating Small Apartments
Like we had discussed earlier, it is good to use things that have a dual purpose. We had already discussed some ways how lightning could be improved. But using mirrors, we can not only get to see ourselves and as they reflect both natural and non-natural light; they can increase the lighting of your scene pretty well.


Having a small apartment does not mean that you must sacrifice aesthetic with functionality. But, that must not always be the case.

For a big house, decor is easier as there is more space for things to fill in,

While having furniture that has dual purposes can satisfy both utility and aesthetic, there are also several of the tips that separately serve utility and aesthetic.

Some of the aesthetically supporting ways that you can improve your house are that choosing the right color palette, lighting up your home, etc.

Utility-based ways are organizing your home, decluttering it often, etc.

So, strike a balance between the two and make sure that your apartment suits your needs and you are happy living within it.


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