The Benefits of Polyurea Coating for Your Garage Floor

Concrete garage floors are built to take a beating, but over time, they start to show their age as cracks, stains, and other damage accumulate. If you’re wanting to make some repairs, you might consider adding a polyurea floor coating as an upgrade that improves the value of your home.

Epoxy has been the standard for years, but a polyurea coating is fast becoming the more popular solution for many reasons. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people are choosing polyurea vs epoxy.

Fast Cure Time

One big benefit of choosing a polyurea concrete floor coating is the cure time. Polyurea takes less time to dry and cure than other types of coatings. You can touch it after a few hours, and it’s usually fully cured in 24 hours so you can park your car on it.

Ease of Application

A polyurea coating can be applied evenly without clumping up, filling in all the cracks and pores in the concrete. It can be put on in a wide range of temperatures, so you don’t have to wait for moderate weather to install it.

Because of the fast drying and cure time, it’s good to work with a professional installer like Garage Force to apply the coating.

UV Stability

Polyurea coatings resist damage from UV light, which normally turn plastic objects yellow or fade colors. If your garage faces south, it’s a great feature that can keep your polyurea coating colors looking new over the years no matter how much sunlight the floor gets.

Low VOCs

Unlike many chemicals, there is little odor involved with polyurea coatings since they have low levels of volatile organic compounds. This makes them good for use in closed-in spaces since you don’t have to worry about chemical vapors coming off the product as it cures.


The polyurea hard coat finish means your floor needs little maintenance to keep looking good and performing as expected. This type of coating doesn’t need recoating every few years to maintain it.

Polyurea can hold up to extreme temperatures and chemicals, which makes it especially good for garages. The floor surface is non-porous so it’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain. You can also get away with dropping an impact wrench or hammer on it without it cracking.

Slip Resistance

As a rule, polyurea coatings are safer than others, especially when wet. But you can go a step beyond by adding vinyl chips into the coating that adds extra texture to the surface, which means better traction.

The chips also give you a unique look to the floor rather than just a plain solid color.

Add a Polyurea Coating to Your Garage Floor

Adding a polyurea coating to your garage floor can improve safety along with looks. You have many options for creating a unique finish to the coating so you have a garage your neighbors will envy.

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