Strut Your Stuff: Trending Shoes For 2020’s Fashionistas

According to recent data, the average woman owns anywhere between 17 and 27 pairs of shoes. And why wouldn’t she? Footwear is the perfect way for girls like us to express ourselves, accent our favorite outfits, and feel great.

If you’re looking for some new items to add to your wardrobe, looking into 2020’s coolest trending shoes is a great way to do it. Here, we’re going to tell you some of the best shoes of the season so that you can look great and feel gorgeous!

Glimmer and Glam

One of the biggest style trends of 2020, especially among those who wear designer brands, is to incorporate glittering jewels and gemstones into footwear. Many styles are entirely encrusted in Swarovski crystals in various colors, but other shoes are a bit more subtle.

If you like to sparkle and shine while still maintaining a certain level of traditionalism and modesty, you may like to wear a summer sandal that has a crustal-coated strap. Many boot buckles are also made with shining crystals and stones and are placed on otherwise unremarkable leather shoes.

If you love classy jewelry made from Swarovski, this is definitely a trend that you need to hop on!

Chain Details

Want something a little more brash and bold rather than gentle and gorgeous? Chain details on your shoes might be right for you.

This basically means having the straps of your shoes being made from silver or gold chains. They can be thin and subtle for a more feminine look, but you can also get chains that are thicker and… well, what can only be described as edgy.

Additionally, chain details look especially cool when they’re paired with metal zippers or buckles of the same color! Just something to think about.

Boots and Booties

When it comes to actual shoe shapes and sizes, boots and booties are one of the biggest trends of 2020. For boots, the taller, the better. People are wearing knee-high and thigh-high pleather and leather boots more than ever before. This look makes you look like a #girlboss and shows off the fact that you kick butt in everyday life.

If you want something a bit shorter, booties are also all the rage right now. These are basically boots that are cut off just above the ankle. They come in all kinds of materials, including suede and leather. If you want something that’s a mix of a comfortable shoe and cute boot, this is the right choice.

Loafers in All Forms

Another shoe style that’s coming back this year is the loafer. While traditional loafers are comfortable and casual, you can improve upon their look by getting heeled loafers. These shoes are funky and feminine. They’re perfect for both casual outings and a day at the workplace.

Consider getting loafers with one of those gorgeous crystal buckles that we talked about earlier! Even if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend copious amounts of money on footwear, there are lots of places that you can shop online for used designer shoes.

Mary Janes

If you’re a fan of 20th-century history, then you already know that Mary Janes are small and simple flat shoes with a single buckle going across the middle of your foot. They go with anything, which is a huge part of their appeal, and tend to come in a single color.

We’re all in luck because Mary Janes are in style again! The perfect shoe for a casual dinner outing or a trip to the outdoor mall, you’re sure to be both comfortable and stylish as you walk around in these styles.

Squared Toes

No matter whether you choose flat booties or heeled loafers, you’re going to want to make sure that you get something with squared toes. That’s right: pointed toes are going out of style, and blunted squared ones are the new sheriff in town!

In addition to looking amazing, squared toes are much more comfortable than those that pinch around the tip of your foot. This makes them especially perfect for high heeled styles since your toes will have the space to settle when gravity pulls them downward.

Wedged Heels

In addition to squared toes, you’re going to want to get some wedged heels for your closet. You can look here to see some of the best styles out there, but basically you’re going to want something that laces up your leg.

If you’re interested in something taller, gladiator sandals are probably the way to go. These go up high and have large holes between the lace, so you can show a little skin while you strut your stuff. For something a bit more elegant, pearl and flower wedged sandals are probably for you.

You can get wedges on both closed-toed and open-toed shoes, so there’s a lot of variety that you can work with here. Whether you’re looking for something beachy this summer or something to wear when you hit the town in autumn, wedged heels are perfect.

Floral Sandals

Speaking of sandals, you may want to get a pair of them (or quality flip-flops) that incorporate flowers as part of their style.

When it comes to quality flip-flops that you can wear with cute sundresses or stylish maxi skirts, you may want to stick with something simple. Get a pair of quality plastic or pleather flip-flops and put a silk flower onto the strap. Asymmetry is hugely popular right now, so you can just put the flower on one shoe, too!

If you want to show off your bling, you may consider getting a flower made from crystal or gemstones rather than silk.

Another way that you can incorporate flowers into your sandals is, of course, to have floral printing on the material itself. Most major retailers sell sandals that have these patterns, so do your research and get shopping!

Match Trending Shoes and Outfits

Now that you know the cutest and most popular trending shoes, it’s time to get some tips on what you can wear with your new and improved footwear.

Check out the ‘fashion’ section under our home page’s lifestyle tab. Here, you’ll get lots of ideas for hot and trendy women’s outfits that are all the rage in 2020.


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