Selling a Home in Windermere, Florida? 3 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Windermere, located 14 miles southwest of Orlando, with a population of 3,261, is one of the best places to reside in Florida. This Orange County offers residents a suburban feel, and the majority owns their homes. Moreover, the residents can enjoy big city life and the excitement of world-famous attractions while living in this gorgeous town. Great schools, beautiful terrain, convenient proximity to Downtown Orlando, and incredible recreational opportunities, have earned Windermere small town the prestigious title of Florida’s best neighborhood to live for family and kids.

At A Glance

Aside from the luxury homes, the area of Windermere is also pampered by a wealth recreation and provides a vast variety of water-based activities for all residents. Days of swimming, water skiing, boating, and fishing are possible all year round. Also, the exclusive Country Clubs located in the town allow golfers to experience world-class golf outings just a few minutes’ drive from home. With so many facilities available to the Windermere residents, people of other towns are now thinking of moving to this fascinating and safe place. Therefore, the demand of Windermere homes has risen this year.

Are You Looking For The Potential Buyer?

Selling and buying a house can be both mentally and emotionally draining. But an intelligent analysis can make your home selling campaign successful. Unlike in some other states, the sellers of Florida homes have an affirmative duty to disclose all known defects on the property that have a substantial impact on the property’s value and that others cannot easily discover themselves.

Also, it can be unpleasant having strangers determine the price of your beautiful house and try hard to obtain it at that value. So, if you’re looking to sell your Windermere, FL house the right way, here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Getting Realtor Help

There are lots of ways a homeowner use to sell a house, but professional advice from an experienced realtor ensures the smoothest process. However, today, sellers are using an online platform “iBuyers” or choosing For Sale by Owner (FSBO) strategy because they think this is how they will get the best price without any hassle. Questions like, what is the FMV (fair market value) of the home? Is the assessed value accurate? Only a professional real estate agent can estimate the best value for your home.

The bottom line is, pricing is complex, and professional Windermere FL Real Estate agents do this every day. It all begins with the comparable properties and then adjusting for location, condition, and other differences.

What to do?

Choose a Great Florida Listing Agent

It’s vital to hire a highly-rated realtor in your area since a good agent knows everything and will add value to each succeeding step in the home selling process. Before you hire one, make sure he has a proven track record in the city.

2. Pricing the Home Too High

Some sellers leave room for negotiation, but it’s not always the best approach. Once you are sure about the price that buyers are willing to pay happily for your home, you must stick to the listing price instead of playing negotiation games. Remember, buyers are smart and have access to a lot of data today. It’s likely that they also hire the best agent who has more-in-depth information and more significant data. They can see how the competition is listed and compare online to learn the best value. Their agent educates them if your home is worth buying or not. So, be careful when pricing a home.

What to do?

Get a Comparative Market Analysis

Before you start listing your home, get a competitive price of nearby homes. Using guesswork won’t get you the best deal. So, get it done right by the professionals who will do a comparative market analysis to arrive at the best price for your home. A market analysis takes into account data points about your house; square footage, condition, and features to find comparable homes that were sold in the recent past.

In simple words, these previous sales help them to determine the listing price and how long it will take your home to be on the market. An intelligent Windermere FL Real Estate agent will provide you with comparative market analysis at no additional cost.

3. Picking the Wrong Agent

How can you be sure about choosing the right agent? There are plenty of agents in your locality who are ready to list your home. But, how to spot the difference between a good or bad agent? How do you pick the right one? This is the most crucial step in selling a home, so you have to choose the best.

Furthermore, it’s not always essential to choose the agent with the highest rating or price either. The reviews can be fake, so it’s better to interview each you decide to work with.

What to do?

Most sellers find their agents through a referral from friends or coworkers or someone they trust. If you don’t have a reference, search on Google, and see the reviews and ratings of each real estate agency.

Next, interview them!

First, begin the dialogue and pay close attention to the agent and how they listen and ask YOU questions. Second, you must go with your gut feeling. Take time to find a human you can trust for selling your home. The bottom line is to pick the best agent for you.

Last words

Whether its pleasure or business, finding the right person is all about having core values. It means that you want to work with a person that follows the same rules as you do. Suppose you are an honest person, would you not want to work with someone who tells the truth? Also, selling a home in Florida is different than other states. So, you have to choose the person who knows State home selling laws and traditional procedures.

Thank you for reading! Are you ready to talk to the best Windermere FL Real Estate agent now?


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