Modern Bathroom Remodel: 10 Great Ideas for Your Remodeling Project

Are you planning to start your home improvement plans this year? Do you want your bathroom to be your next remodeling project?

Interestingly, the home remodeling industry is booming despite the pandemic. Some even pursue lofty projects like building pools and home gyms.

Nevertheless, a bathroom remains one of the most exciting spaces any homeowner can improve. With the changing times come the different remodeling trends. Some trends focus on aesthetics while others revolve around functionality and efficiency.

With so many trends to follow, what are the best ideas to incorporate in your modern bathroom remodel project? Continue reading below for 10 great ideas you can use in your modern bathroom makeover.

1. The Textured Floor

One of the most important elements you want to improve in a modern bathroom remodel is the floor. Though the floor may not be the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom, it is the first thing that comes in contact with your skin.

Moreover, the texture of the floor contributes to the mood inside the bathroom. Thus, consider replacing your old bathroom floor with a textured type of flooring.

80% of homeowners prefer textured flooring to a polished one. Though stylish flooring may look better, the former trumps it when it comes to durability.

2. A Window Beside the Bath

Another design idea that also serves a vital purpose is adding a window beside your bath. Instead of installing a fan, a window beside the bath adds natural ventilation.

Proper ventilation is essential especially if you have a shower cubicle. A cubicle can easily trap humidity if you don’t have a window nearby.

Aside from ventilation, a window allows natural light to come in. As for your window choices, go for tilted ones. Tilted windows allow the water to trickle out.

3. A Hidden Tank Toilet

One of the trademarks of good bathroom remodeling is space efficiency. Thus, consider using a hidden tank toilet.

This type of toilet is what most of the leading hotels use today. One of its main benefits is it creates more moving space inside the bathroom.

Furthermore, they also work efficiently. They help you save more water with each flush.

The only caveat is the maintenance. Since the tank is behind the wall, fixing it can be a challenge.

4. Mind the Light

When it comes to your bathroom lights, go for the energy-efficient ones. LED lighting is your best bet. They give you that perfect balance between efficiency and solid performance.

LED lights are powerful enough to illuminate your bathroom. The brighter your bathroom is, the bigger the larger it will look.

Also, you can install LED lights behind your wall mirrors. They can add light to your shelves or counters in that location.

5. Integrated Sinks

Similar to hidden tanks, integrated sinks also offer that seamless look. They come in the same material as the bathroom counter for that minimalist vibe.

Apart from the neat aesthetics, these modern bathroom sinks are also easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about water or dirt getting under the sink. Alternatively, a sink with sandstone is another excellent choice.

6. Black Works

When it comes to colors for accent, black is one of the best options to consider. Adding this dark tone will create that striking contrast. In turn, it adds more character to a plain-looking bathroom.

As for the placements, consider using black in your mirror frames and vanities. You can also use black in your light fixtures and other items that come with matte finishes.

7. Smart Additions

Another idea worth considering is adding smart solutions. Give your bathroom that timely upgrade by installing smart showers or automatic sinks. Not only do these additions look cool, but they can also take your bathroom experience to the next level.

For example, a smart shower allows you to pre-set your bath’s temperature even if you’re not in the house. As you drive home, you can start heating the water and everything will be ready the moment you step inside the bath.

8. Some Wood Accents Work

If black accents aren’t your style and you want something warmer, wood accents are your best bet. The great thing with wood is its versatility. You can use it to complement different kinds of colors.

If you have a bathroom with green, blue, or even darker shades, you can use wood to accentuate the room. Furthermore, you can pair wood accents with your vintage-style bathroom. The same thing if you have a bathroom with industrial elements.

9. Compact Storage a Must

No list of great bathroom remodeling ideas is complete without touching on storage. When it comes to storage, you want to have compact storage spaces in your bathroom.

Having compacted shelves and cabinets promotes a minimalist approach to storing items. In turn, you will feel more relaxed inside the bathroom especially after a stressful day.

Thus, install some under space storage and hidden cabinets for your towels. You may also incorporate modern wall shelving for a sleeker and more organized take.

10. Invest in Underfloor Heating Systems

Last but not least, invest in an underfloor heating system. This is most beneficial, especially during those cold winter nights.

Underfloor heating systems are quite versatile. You can integrate them with various flooring types. They can work with wood, vinyl, tile, and concrete floors. As for your bathroom, they work best if you have tile floors.

Aside from creating heat to warm your feet, underfloor heating systems also help reduce allergic reactions. Since they don’t use any air currents, dust and other elements will not circulate in the air.

Additionally, they don’t make any noise compared to conventional heating systems.

Complement Your Modern Bathroom Remodel Project

By drawing inspiration from these ideas, you can come up with a modern bathroom remodel project that covers all bases. You will have an appealing bathroom that doesn’t fall short in functionality. However, you shouldn’t stop with a good-looking bathroom.

Complement it by remodeling your kitchen and other parts of your home. Check out our other articles for more home improvement ideas.


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