9 Reasons Why Baking in a Toaster Oven Is Not as Good as a Conventional Oven

Are you thinking of buying a toaster oven when you already have an oven?

Sure, a toaster oven can do what a large oven can do but it’s not as effective and convenient in the long run. Don’t get swayed by the ads you see on the internet promising better things.

Because of the pandemic, people are staying inside their houses all the time. A lot have even taken up baking as to ease their boredom. Beginners, however, might not know which appliance to get first.

Is baking in a conventional oven better than baking in a toaster oven?

Let’s solve that mystery with our guide right here. Read on below to learn more:

1. Keep the Heat More

There are more things you need to consider when comparing toaster oven vs oven than their ability to get your food to high temperatures. It also needs to keep the heat inside to ensure thorough cooking.

There’s an assumption that oven toasters heat faster than the conventional ones. Toaster ovens are smaller thus making it easier to heat food. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Conventional oven chambers are often built with fiberglass and/or cellulose. They have better insulation because of that.

They get to the right temperature quickly and can retain heat more efficiently too.

2. Thaw Frozen Food

Aren’t you forgetting something? Seems like there’s something you need to do the night before. Oh no, you forgot to defrost your ingredients!

No worries, did you know that you can thaw frozen food in your oven?

Put it in a container to catch any liquid that is going to drip and make sure that it is a non-flammable one. After that, you can now place it in your oven.

One important thing to take note of is to set your timer longer than usual. It will take a while for the heat to penetrate the meat. Remember to get a thermometer to gauge the temperature.

3. Easier Control on Humidity

Worried that there’s some steam on the glass of your oven? Don’t worry, that’s normal. In a conventional oven, it’s easier to control the humidity than in a toaster oven.

There will always be some natural moisture content on food and ingredients. Moisture increases the baked good’s volume and lightens the color of the crust. It can also prolong the shelf-life of some food.

4. Versatility

Did you know that your oven can do more than baking? There’s a lot more you can do like broiling and cooking. Because the oven is a piece of well-insulated equipment, it can replace your traditional cooking methods from time to time.

Broiling is one of the famous cooking techniques known. You can broil fish, meat, and vegetables on a large oven. There are some dishes that are more efficiently cooked in an oven.

5. Larger Servings

What about when your extended families visit you for a special occasion? What happens if your friends come over for a game night or sleepover? A toaster oven might not be enough to handle the volume of food you need to prepare.

When Christmas comes around, the conventional oven will be your friend.

There’s nothing more you can give to your house guests than a plate of delicious food. To do that, you will need to bake/cook a larger amount of food than usual. Of course, there ought to be different cuisines for adults and kids.

With a large oven, you can cook a lot of things at the same time. This will save you time and fuel and you can even clean and decorate the house while you’re at it.

6. More Racking Placements

Do you want to put in more food into your oven? Are you having problems because of the different sizes of the ingredients?

The conventional oven has a lot of space inside and is much bigger than a toaster oven. You can put the oven racks anywhere.

You can remove racks if you want to cook something large like a turkey in your oven.

Having more racking placements is a huge advantage.

7. Easier Maintenance than you Think

Yes, maintaining a large oven can be easier than you think. Sure, your toaster oven is smaller, making it more appealing and it may look easier to clean but large ovens come with self- cleaning mechanisms. This can cut your cleaning duty in half.

Even if it doesn’t have this mechanism, you don’t have to clean your oven every time you use it.

It all depends on how much you use it for broiling, cooking, and baking. If you use it 2-3 times a week, the most you can do without cleaning is every four months or so.

8. Harder to Break

Have you tried putting big bread in your toaster oven?

Did you know that if you put something too large inside your toaster oven it can break and even catch fire? Baking in a toaster oven is possible but it could lead to a lot of problems. You need to be cautious with what you put in it.

In a large oven, there are a lot more options for you. You can even bake a large cake when someone you know is having a birthday. This is the reason why having a conventional oven is better in the long run.

When the oven is not heating, you may want to call experts but other than that, it’s a breeze to keep in good shape.

9. You Can Still Bake Whenever

The toaster oven is no match for the conventional oven on this one. It only uses electricity as its power source. If there was no electricity, you need to go by breakfast without an oven.

The conventional oven uses not only uses electricity, but also gas and propane. You can be sure to be able to still use the oven even if there was no electricity.

Why Go Back to Baking in a Toaster Oven?

These are the reasons why using the conventional oven is more useful and convenient than baking in a toaster oven. Make sure to remember everything on the list the next time you think of replacing your oven with a toaster oven.

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