6 Best Tips to Decorate Your Home

Hey, there want some tips to make your home sweet home looking fabulous than ever? It is time; you consider implementing some of the tips given in this article.

Yes, we all know the feeling that comes now and then just to have your apartment transform into something spectacular from the IKEA or Home Décor catalogs. It is absolutely understandable since home decorations have been evolving for centuries. Modern furniture is simple, beautiful and compatible with our lifestyles. Let’s start with some of the tips and secrets that every interior will definitely reveal while they guide you.

1. Modern Walls

Tips to Decorate Your Home
C’mon guys, it is 2019! Nothing beats the modern art on the wall, perfect for photography. Just add a study table, few flower pots and voila! You have a perfect picture.

Some of the experts that love changing their client’s house start with a perfect shade of paint. Nowadays, stripped painting is working quite well. Yes, it may seem like old, but with a matt finish, it looks gorgeous! You can also, for a two shade wall where one color will stand dominant, say red and grey? Or else, you can choose two colors, and alternately color your walls.

Some of my personal favorites would be a wall colored white and have this flaring purple color at the bottom. Looks like the wall in fire from the bottom. You can choose any color, you like. And the other would be a perfect combination of sand colors all lined imperfectly on the walls. Simple modern, yet eye-catching.

If you like to get creative, you can always get a dark shaded on the wall followed by a light shade of color with the help of patterned rollers. They are just something absolutely new but gives a brand-new touch to your home.

2. Sofa Sets

Tips to Decorate Your Home
These days, sofa sets aren’t just a piece of furniture, it is something adorable a definite requirement for a room. People actually save money just to have the best sofa set. The urban ladder is the best place to get such amazing piece of sofa sets. You also, definitely try IKEA and other furniture selling companies.

You can start by adding an ottoman. It is a complementary piece of furniture that is simply essential. Yes, a perfect ottoman is everyone’s favorite. Ask a book lover, to know more. If you are in a mood to spend more and get something spectacular, definitely buy an armchair. A luxury item in your home, a perfect place to be in after long hours at work! And last, but not the least would be wingback sofas. Ah! They are perfect for everyone, especially a book lover. Just add a bookshelf beside it and they are set for life!

3. Lamps

Tips to Decorate Your Home
Lamps, lamps, lamps, and lamps. Yes, you ought to get lamps. They may seem old, but trust me, they just enlighten your room/house better than anything. If you are like, I would love to antique designed lamps.

Well, if you got a mirror in your living room, you can add buffet lamps. They go great with the mirror, to be honest. If you are a book lover, you can add a desk/study lamp near to your favorite wingback sofa. Or instead, you can get a big floor lamp. They are modern and cool.

You can add wall lamps, which will look amazing with the interior, especially the vintage ones. You can even go for the black and golden wall lamps. They are beautifully designed and looks great with a grey colors wall! Perfect color combination, isn’t it?

4. Chandeliers

Tips to Decorate Your Home
You can definitely add these luxury items in the living room and obviously, the bedroom. They are one of the home décor requirements that almost every homeowner thinks to have.

For a living room, you can go for a simple chandelier called Minka Lavery or even a Hudson Valley. If you want something simple, yet beautiful, you can always go for tech lightning. For further types, you can get them in crystal, candles, glass, and shades. Just Google the specified chandeliers and you’ll find the right website selling them in your state.

5. House Plants

Tips to Decorate Your Home
If you love gardening but seems to run out of time. You can always depend on getting some houseplants. My personal favorite would be alone. These are very easy to grow, and you can always get perfect guidance from YouTube. And yes, occasionally, you can cut them and use it on your face to look flawless. You can for peace lily and enjoy the beautiful flowers growing in the summer. They look attractive and keeps the atmosphere clean in the house. If you are looking for something that leaves a fresh fragrant in the house, you can go for snake plants.

If you want something for your desk, then go for peperomia. These plans tolerate low light and small enough to fit anywhere. You can also, for Christmas cactus for your desk since these give beautiful flowers with deep rose, salmon, red-orange and white colors.

6. Wall Decor

If you got a perfect wall paint along with an ideal piece of furniture, it is time you update the look with wall hangings. You can start with modern looking shelves. Brilliant idea for storing books and pots while you get give your wall a different look.

Wall hangings can be made up of wood, metal, mirror, fabric and more. My favorite is the tree wall hanging, since they are simply gorgeous, especially in the golden color.

If you are religious, you can get Lord Krishna’s or Lord Ganesha’s wall hanging. Or just get a paint with the help of stencils. And we are definitely forgetting paints. From oil, acrylic, the poster to watercolor painting, there are tons of lovely artworks online. Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Amazon or Flipkart, you can order them and add them on the walls.

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