5 Free DIY Wood Shed Plans

Damage from storms accounts for around half of all damage reports.

A shed is a great way to protect outside belongings from potential damage. While it’s easiest to purchase a pre-fabricated shed or to hire a professional to build you one, there are other options. You can find free DIY wood shed plans online.

With free wood shed designs, you can build a storage shed yourself and get exactly what you want. Building a shed is easier than you might think, too. All you need are the supplies and to follow the directions step-by-step.

Keep reading to learn more about free DIY wood shed plans.

1. Firewood Shed

Are you looking for DIY firewood shed plans? A firewood shed is an excellent way for you to store your firewood. This structure will keep your firewood dry and ready to burn at a moment’s notice.

Firewood sheds are meant to take up as little space as possible in your backyard. While being relatively small, a firewood shed should still be able to store enough wood to last you all winter long.

Building a firewood shed is probably the easiest project out of all the different types of sheds. Consider starting with this project first if you are brand new to building.

2. Tool Shed

Do you have more tools than you know what to do with? Are you running out of places to store all your tools or you continually lose tools because they’re scattered around? Then try this free tool shed plan.

This plan will help you create a 6×8 shed that’s perfect for storing your lawn equipment and gardening tools.

3. Smokehouse Shed

If you’re looking to try smoking your own meats, then a smokehouse shed plan is what you need. A smokehouse is a great way to cure meat or fish with smoke. This enables you to be more self-reliant and depending on the type of wood burned to make smoke, can create some savory meals.

4. Gable Shed

Do you have several larger items that you need to store and plenty of room in your backyard? If so, then maybe you can try building your own 10×10 gable shed.

5. Closet Storage Shed

Maybe you’re short on space but need somewhere to store tools and equipment to keep them out of the elements. Whatever the reason, there are many free closet storage shed plans you can pull from.

A closet shed is perfect for those with a small yard. It’ll still hold lots of gardening and lawn care tools, and keep everything organized.
However, if you’re looking for quality wood sheds that you don’t have to build yourself, then there are alternate options. If you don’t trust yourself to build a decent shed, then consider buying a pre-made one!

Wood Shed Plans for Everyone

No matter what stage you’re at when it comes to building things yourself, there is a plan for you. If you’re a beginner and still unsure of yourself, you can easily find free plans that have step-by-step instructions, lists of needed materials, and even pictures and videos to help further illustrate points.

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