12 Tips for Making a Cozy Home

Cozy homes are the ones which are comfortable and warm. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, walking into a cozy house is one of the best experiences. They are more inviting than others. As the same climate does not prevail during the whole year, you must also change according to the climate as to make your home feel comfortable.

When it’s warm outside, you generally want your home to be breezy and open with no extra layers to catch heat and humidity. But when its winter and cold, you want those things to keep home warm.

Now we present you some tips for you to make your home cozy.

Upgrade your curtains and windows

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
Although the translucent panels will keep your home well lit with natural sunlight during summer, it won’t do that good in winter so consider switching to the ones with heavier fabric to keep your home cozy and warm.

Denise Gianna, the interior designer and owner of Beacon said that lined or thick drapes in complementary deep tones will instantly add psychological and physical warmth to any room.

According to a report from Energy Star, which is a U.S Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program, replacing those old windows with new ones not only makes your home cozy but also save you a lot of cash. How much do you ask? It’s up to $465 a year.

Install a thermostat

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
The thermostat is a utility which senses the temperature of a specific physical system and performs necessary actions to maintain the said system’s temperature at the desired set point. You can install a thermostat which can adapt as well as schedule temperature preferences for your loved ones can make your home a cozy place.

For instance, you want your home to be warmer during the day and relatively cooler during the night. Having a thermostat will definitely help by lowering and rising to your desired temperature.

You can also try to add some removable wallpaper to make your space more stylish.

Arrange your furniture properly

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
Arrange your furniture, so it is easy to move around the room. This might sometimes lead you to set your furniture away from the wall; it’s okay!

Another thing to consider is that try to gather your furniture to facilitate conversation. This makes guests feel that you want to talk to them! Thus, you increase the inevitability of the house thus making it cozy.

Make your home green – with plants

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
A study suggests that one can have indoor plants to reduce psychological stress. Bringing home easy to care plants like succulents add green vibrancy to your home. If you do not have access to them, try adding faux greenery.

Make your home greener – Build a terrarium

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
In addition to adding plants, there is an easy way to make your home cozier – by building a terrarium. A terrarium is generally a sealable glass container that holds plants thus provide a special habitat for them. But that does not mean that a terrarium must be sealed always though.

Whether you use succulent or fake plants, making your own terrarium can brighten up space in no time.

Diversify your color scheme

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
Try adding some color to your existing design scheme, like brightly patterned pillows, a winter bouquet on your mantle, etc. can instantly brighten your space and light up the mood. Always try to mix your styles and patterns, because doing so will make it more personalized and increase the coziness of your home. Using only one Color may make the room feel sterile.

Include some jewel tones too

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
As seen above, a little can go a long way when it comes to making your home cozy. Consider switching your décor to warm, rich, jewel-toned colors and fabrics. You can choose bright or deep hues which goes well with the decor that you can’t switch out and then pair them with warm neutrals which make them look great with all wood tones.

Put out a storage space

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
While you may need many additional accessories to make yourself a cozy home, this does not mean that it should be cluttered with those accessories. Consider buying a wooden chest to add these accessories when you are not using them to clear the clutter while having a good home.

There are a lot of other tips and methods for clearing clutter in your home which also can make the home good.

Fill your home with good fragrance with essential oils

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
Other than focusing on visual aesthetics, let’s put some focus on olfactory one. As numerous studies show that smells can have effects on mind and body, adding these will only benefit you.
For making climate palatable, you can try diffusing some essential oils or can also add them in some of your cleaning products. The fragrance of vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, etc. can bring a pleasant change in your home.

Make your home properly lit

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
A cozy home is obviously properly lit. Instead of ceiling or recessed lights during winter and fall evenings, consider table lamps that are close to yourself, candelabras, etc.

In winter, as its cold outside, it is appropriate to choose warm colored lights over a bright white light.

Add some fire

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
One of the most obvious choices to warm your room is to add a fireplace. But not all homes come with a pre-built fireplace. Don’t worry; there exist alternatives like easily installable gas fireplaces, portable electric fireplaces both of which can keep your space warm and let you enjoy the crackling fire without the following clean-up.

Adding some natural accents also can help

Tips for Making a Cozy Home
In case you don’t have a fireplace, you can use a array or basket of birch logs or twigs to make your room cozy. This is because Wood, burlap, twigs, stones, and minerals in precious stones, colors and finishers have a very warm feel.


Everybody wants to live a comfortable, warm and welcoming home. This is how cozy homes feel like. By following many simple steps like arranging your furniture, installing plants, upgrading your windows, and others, you can make your home feel cozy and lead a comfortable life within it.


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